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A Vegan Lifestyle in Texas

vegan in texas


While other places follow the trend on social media and Facebook, the culture in Texas seems to live in a style that is defined by tradition and family memory. In Texas, everything is bigger in Texas, and family has an impact on just about everything. That includes their cuisine. Family recipes are passed from one generation to the next and are part of a tradition that goes back hundreds of years.

When you pull off the road into a small town, don’t get bored. Take a breath, and as you turn a corner, you’ll automatically be greeted by a huge smorgasbord of food, drink and cheese. You can pick up some delicious shredded beef, fries, onion rings, sausage patties, and taco fillings while enjoying live music, putting up with a blues quartet, and watching ahole-monsters hourglass procession. There’s absolutely nothing like having a pre-game buffet at the home of the team you root for.

For all the young kids out there, however, the biggest draw back to this kind of eating experience is the fact that you get to eat a full grown all you can eat, which is famous for Austin landscapers. That’s not quite true, of course, because there are several eateries available that cater to those of us that are in the process of trying to wean our children off meats while they’re in the womb. One of the biggest questions this writer has is ‘Why do we eat meat then?’ The answers may vary, but here are a few favorites:

1. You can’t really go wrong with a hot dog, especially if it’s a childhood favorite. It’s high on protein, and is a relatively cheap and healthy option for vegetarians. Plus, if you make it yourself, you can put all the meat back in with a little embarrassed factor. You can’t really go wrong.

2. On the other hand, for those people who are on a diet, one of the biggest arguments is “Should we limit meat consumption in our diets?” While there’s no denying meat is full of protein, too much might also mean too much calories and too much fat. Dietitians encourage whole-house vegetarian cooking to prevent this.

3. merica, which is a native of the Americas is an excellent example of a vegan recipe. This dish for Dinner is really a star attraction in Italian restaurants, and you can never go wrong if you include it in your veggie festivities.

4. Another star attraction in the veggie menu is Baba Ganoush, which is simply eggplant minced and sauteed with onions, tomatoes, and tahini (a Middle Eastern mix of garlic, lemon, salt, olive oil, and garlic), and served with a cream cheese sauce and a cucumber puree. Choose this one on a meatless menu, though, prepare for an anti-bacterial adventure.

5. The third tip is a combination of the first two. Eat the meatless meals in moderation. Don’t overdo it with either one or both.

In general, a vegan lifestyle can be incredibly rewarding, health-wise. Your heart will benefit from a decreased risk of contracting major chronic diseases, and vegetarians will enjoy numerous health benefits all year long.


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