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Best Foods at a Football Game

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You are going to one of the most American events to ever exist, a football game. It’s something that every citizen of the United States should experience, hopefully at least, once in their life. Not as some sort of rite of passage, or entry into being a “real American”, but because it is just so incredibly fun, it is an experience that will stay with you for the rest of your life and you should try to make the time and money to experience it with your good friends and family.


It would honestly be something that you would never ever regret for the entirety of your life, that is of course it turns out to be one of those classes football game horror stories. I’m sure that won’t be a problem for you though, there kind of rare if you look at it mathematically. I mean out of the millions of people who go to a football game, only like twenty (probably) of them have a really horrible time.


We here have been to dozens of football games in our lifetime, personally, I’ve been to over a hundred games myself, it’s just something I grew up with. I actually just recently went to a game just a month or two ago, that was my most recent outing to a football game. I also, remember the first time I went to a football game, my entire family went out, and we just had the greatest time.


Anyway, whenever I go out to a football game, with family, friends, coworkers, who I can just put into the friend category, there is one major thing that makes the entire experience amazing, besides bonding with all of them at a fun an event that is. The one major thing that makes it just so memorable, the thing that really just wakes us up whenever we turn our memories to the past, and the thing that we look forward to the most is the absolutely amazing food.


Food is not something that you generally think about when heading out to a football game. Fans think of supporting their team, planners think of the traffic and tickets, and friends just want to go and see how everyone is doing. Of course, the people who think about the amazingly nostalgic thing that is sports food, is us foodies. We who love food, or just the nostalgic awakening in our brains love the stadium food that comes with the game.


The food is kind of a toss up when it comes to football games, most of the time, the food is amazing, the hot dogs, the nachos, the popcorn, it’s all just made to perfection. Other times, you could say around a fourth, a sixth even of the time, the food is not the best, not really the thing that wakes your nostalgia or excitement up. For this kind of thing though, were just gonna try and ignore that sixth of the time, and really focus on the good part of the event. Personally, I have a lot of favorites every time we go, and it’ll be hard to be impartial, but I’ll try.


Now, we all love the stadium food, the sports food, the nostalgic, amazing food and we all have a plethora of choices to make every time we get to head out and make it to a football game with our friends and family. We have a ton of options, and sometimes we need a reminder of what the best foods are at a football game. So, to help you guys out a little, here is a conveniently compiled list and analysis of the best foods at a football game.


The Classic Hot Dog


You might not know it, but there has been some debate on whether the classic hot dog is a more appropriate food for a football game, or a baseball game. This is actually something that a lot of us here have been debating on ourselves, and we have come to a pretty solid conclusion for this dilemma.


We think, in our own personally opinion, is that a classic hot dog, deserves to be at any American game and should not be said to be worse at a particular location, mainly because a classic hot dog, is just a simple classic that should be enjoyed whenever and wherever possible by the American people, especially at an American pass time game like baseball, and the American nostalgia game football.


It is an amazing food, that literally everyone enjoys in some fashion, there is not a person on the planet that doesn’t enjoy a classic hot dog, albeit if they have some religion, or lifestyle against the classic hot dog, which is of course completely fine. Personally though, a classic hot dog will never be something that I could separate with.


Now, we put classic hot dog as the title of this section, and the food, but we are going to go ahead and include the other versions of the classic hot dog, all the variations that it comes with. So, of course, chili dogs, hot dogs with relish, onions, ketchup, and all the other amazing toppings that can ever be put on top. They are all dependent on personally preference, but they are all equally good in my own humble, personal opinion.

Chicken Bacon Ranch Bombs


This food is a little less classic, but infinitely just as good. A thing of chicken bacon ranch bomb’s is one of the best representatives of finger food, it is something that really encompasses everything that finger food should be, at home and at a football game being served to friends, family, and the millions of people surrounding you.


If you don’t know what chicken bacon ranch bombs are, then I can give you a really quick explanation, and hopefully you may be intrigued enough to try them yourselves when you have the chance. So, essentially, a chicken bacon ranch bomb (singularly) is a little bread, like a biscuit, or a croissant wrapped around a bit of chicken, and then a bacon strip wrapped around that. You get that bit of finger food amazingness and dip it into a thing of ranch, making the chicken bacon ranch bomb.


It is just so amazing to have, something so amazing to remember, and to experience as you root for your team with your friends. It is the epitome of fun and nostalgia; it is a must have for me personally every time I go to a football game. Also, just a little note, if you’re wondering where the bomb bit of the title comes in, you dip the bomb a little aggressively into the ranch and it makes a little splash, and consequently, the bomb bit.


The Classic Thing of Chicken Wings


Of course, when talking about finger foods, you could never ever leave out chicken wings. This is the food that everything else went and tried to replicate, but could never quite get it right, in our personal opinion. I mean the chicken bacon ranch bombs are amazing, and an absolute must have every time we go, but the wings are definitely the winner, it’s just a classic that can’t be left behind during a football game.


There is also a lot of variations to chicken wings, you can get barbecue, pineapple teriyaki, sriracha, jalapeño, orange glazed, maple-chipotle, etc. There are a ton of ways to enjoy chicken wings, and we all have a personal favorite, but no matter what kind of chicken wing you enjoy, they are always something that you can enjoy at a football game.


Personally, my favorite flavor of chicken wings is barbeque, it’s something that is really just nostalgic for me, it’s something that I can always enjoy, and it is something that I always want to enjoy. I really can’t imagine a world without barbeque chicken wings, let alone a football game that doesn’t have any of them. Maybe if you don’t have a favorite yet, then the next you go out to a football game, you might be able to find yours.


The Classic Cheesy Nacho Platter


We really can’t talk about a list of the best foods to have at a football game and not mention the classic Nachos. They are creamy, cheesy, and just plain amazing, they are something that can actually be enjoyed by everyone, because they just have so many variations and toppings to them and they are all delicious.


They are another great finger food, which is something that football games thrive on, food wise that is. There is something extra nostalgic about this particular dish as well, for me at least personally. Nachos are things that really help make memories, mainly because they are the ultimate sharing food, everyone can partake in this very fun food.


They are something that I get a lot even outside of a football game, they are really just that good. They are something that is something to be enjoyed really at any time because they are amazing, and people love nachos. We don’t really know why nachos are such a social food that they can be at really any event and be appropriate, but we sure do love it.


Hopefully it’s also something that you, you friends, and your family also love. We say hopefully, but we really think that they very likely enjoy nachos, they are something that, as we said before, is a very social, very nostalgic, sort of healthy and very friendly food that a majority of people can enjoy.

7 Layer Dip


Of course, we can’t talk about nachos without talking about the famous 7-layer dip. This is most likely the most famous football game food in history. Everyone thinks about seven-layer dip when a game comes on, and they definitely start thinking about it when the super bowl comes on. This is also of course, on this list for its extraordinarily good flavor and taste, we wouldn’t just put it on here for its celebrity status.


On a little bit of a personal note, the seven-layer dip is something that my family particularly loves. They all have a ton of fun making their own versions, they all take turns making their own version of it each time we meet up to watch a game. Most of the time they try to keep it a surprise and have the family quests what flavors and spices they used. It’s just another layer of fun that we don’t like missing out on.


The seven-layer dip is something that is particular favored by the majority of people. Each level that is uncovered by eating it is a new experience. The ingredients and the flavor is brand new and fresh that it can make it perfect for the event. It’s a classic football game food that really should not be excluded if you’re planning to spend the day at home with your family watching the game or going out to the stadium with a plastic purse to really get a feeling of the event.


The Conclusion


There is a lot of food that we covered today, a lot of classics, fun ones, and things that we just had to talk about when it concerns football games, when they are either at the stadium watching the game in person, or at home chilling in their recliner with their family surrounding them. Either way is just a lot of fun, and a really good excuse to see how things are going with the family in a really bonding way.


So, thank you for taking the time out of your very busy schedule to come by and read a little bit about the future food you and your friends will be enjoying when you go out and have fun watching the game. Thank you also for taking a little fore thought into what kind of food that you really want to try when you go out to get some nostalgic and gun food, this was the best foods at a football game.

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