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The Best Foods to Eat on A Construction Job Site

The Best Foods to Eat on A Construction Job Site




So, you are doing a hard day’s work at a construction site, and you are tired, you are exhausted, you just want to go home and sleep, but the problem is that you are also incredibly hungry, you have not had breakfast, your starving, you can hear your stomach begging, to say the least it is now lunch time. the problem that you may be having with your bit of lunch is to what you should bring with you to eat.


There can be a multitude of problems if you bring any sort of food that shouldn’t be on a construction site, it would not be fun to have something bad happen on your watch, and for something as trivial as your lunch. You really don’t want that to happen, or even worse, you lose your lunch in the process of whatever shenanigan is going on at the time, that would be a hundred thousand times worse.


You want a food that is reliable, easy to eat, absolutely delicious to have during a hard day’s work, and one that you aren’t going to lose, or to make a mess of things while you are on site. You don’t want to have to deal with anything you just want to eat, just to have a nice restful relaxing break for thirty minutes while you enjoy your lunch.


Luckily for you today, we have a very nice list describing some of the best foods that you can have on a construction site. There is a ton of options that you can choose from, there are dozens of different variations of these suggestions as well, so you will never have to worry about not having something that you don’t like on here.


We will be honestly shocked if you don’t find something that you don’t like on this list, we believe here that you are going to like every single one of them, as long as you don’t have any sort of medical or ailment that prevents you from enjoying these foods, which we completely sympathize with. We sincerely doubt that you won’t have at least one thing you enjoy on here is the point that we are trying to make.


We have different criterias and such that determines what foods are going to be on this amazing list, things that you are probably concerned about. We are really going to be looking at how easy something is to eat, how good the food tastes, and if it is not a messy food that will be difficult to clean up afterwards.


It would not be fun to have to go and pack up all your lunch and make it smell in whatever sort of bag you have to keep it fresh and safe. It’s just not a lot of fun having to deal with lunch as our working, so we are going to try and make it as easy as possible, while still making it taste great.


We have a lot here today for you to look at, hopefully it will be of some sort of use to you, hopefully you can find a few foods that you may want to take with you on the construction site, whether it’s your lunch or you’re doing some sort of catering, whatever the reason may be, we hope that it is helpful to you. Also, we want to thank you very much for taking some time out of your very busy schedule to read through this really quick, we know how hard it can be to take some time out of your day to come by, so thank you. Anyway, let’s get started, for your pleasure and convenience, here is a conveniently compiled list and analysis of all the best foods that you can have at a construction site.



Of course, the number one thing on this list had to be the king of all foods, pizza. It is just one of those foods that just keep on giving, there is so much to absolutely love about it, the cleanliness, the taste, the ease of which you can hold a pizza and not have to worry about anything spilling off onto you.


There is a lot to love about pizza, the number one thing though that we think is the reason is on this list is because of the absolute convenience that it provides. All you have to do is order it from your phone, and then about half an hour at the most it’s at your door, hot and ready to be eaten. That is something that is paramount on a construction site, you’ve been building all day, you don’t want to deal with the hassle that is food.


The next reason that this is on the list is because of the absolute mouthwatering taste, this food is precious, made with golden cheese, and freshly sliced pepperonis, or any other sort of topping that you may enjoy, whatever you want it is something that they have. I will not let anyone tell me different, Hawaiian pizza is one of the greatest, and is my personal favorite.


The final reason that it is on this list is because of the cleanliness, yes, the toppings can sometimes fall off your slice, and yes sometimes it can be greasy, but that really depends on who you are buying your supply of pizza from. The run of the mill pizza place, like Dominos, and Pizza Hut all try to make there pizza as fast as possible, which is nice, but they don’t take any care for it. Pizza places that take their time a little will make the cheese melty enough to not let any toppings fall off, and they make sure their toppings don’t make too much grease.


Pizza is something that you are going to want to really consider as your go to lunch, or even sometimes lunch, it is incredibly easy to eat and get, it’s incredibly cheap, it’s not hard to clean up afterwards, there really isn’t that you can’t not like about it. So, make sure that you give pizza a chance the next time you are on your construction site and you may find your new favorite lunch.


A Sandwich


The next on our list is the classic construction site lunch to have. A sandwich is everything that you could possibly want in a lunch on the construction site. You get the convenience of making it quickly, how you want it before you head out for the day, you can keep it nice and tidy, and you don’t have to use any dishes if you don’t want to. All you have to do is use a paper bag instead, and some foil to keep your food fresh and safe from the outside elements.


There are a dozen different ways that you can make a sandwich as well, dozens of different combinations, dozens of different sauces and internal things, sort of like pizza if you think about it. There is a ton of different ways that you can make it, and there is a ton of different ways that you can enjoy it, you can have a ham and cheese, or a BLT, or a Philly cheese steak if you’ve got the time. Whatever you may want to have as your sandwich is just a few minutes away from your pantry, all you got to do is get it.


Of course, though if you don’t want to make your own sandwich you can head to a place that can make it for you, places that are expert sandwich makers and can get it to you incredibly fast. Some of my favorite sandwich shops are Subway, because of course they are practically the kings of sandwich making, there is firehouse subs, there is charley’s, and there is of course Jimmy Johns. They are all magnificent sandwich crafters, and they all have their own special quirks that make them special for the next time you’re doing crane rigging.


Of course, those aren’t the only large sandwich shops out there, there is a great selection from you to choose from. Whichever one is your favorite is of course the best one, because it is the one that you like, and this is your lunch so you need to try and enjoy it the best you can while you are on site. So, make the most out of your sandwich and make the most out of your lunch with the best options that you have within the time frame that the world has set.



The last one on this list may be a bit disappointing to the carnivore readers we have, but ti had to be this way. We wanted to end this list in a little bit healthier of a variety, and really shake the system up. Also, salads are amazing, they taste great, there usually healthy, and again, like the other two, there is a variety of them that you really just can’t beat.


Salads are amazing, and they are on this list for a reason, the number one being convenience. All you have to do to make this a convenient lunch for yourself is to make a bit of salad, and then spread it over a week, have it every day, have it every other day, have it every other day after that, whatever you choose all you have to do is dump a little into a plastic bowl and your good to go.


We of course know that plastic bowels aren’t that convenient, but there has to be some sort of trade off, this way you don’t have to worry about where you’re gonna get your food, and you don’t have to worry at all about what your gonna have, just salad, ready to go with you out the door and to work.


As we said there is a giant plethora of different types of salads that you can have, you can make the regular go to salad, you can make chicken salad, fruit salad, whatever you want its yours, all you have to do is make it and head on out. It only takes a few minutes to mix your ingredients together into the delicious dish you have.


Of course, though, you don’t have to make your salad yourself. Like the sandwich you can simply go out to really any sort of restaurant and order a salad to go. To be completely honest, a lot of fast-food places have really great salads, Wendy’s is my personal favorite place to go for a salad when I need something really fast and really cheap. It doesn’t take really any effort on my part at all, and it certainly won’t take you any effort either for you to either make your salad or to simply buy from somewhere else.


The Conclusion


We have talked about the absolute best foods that you can take with you to a construction site, they are the absolute best options, and they are the most classic by far. We talked about the marvelous giant that is pizza, we talked about the rich and delicious sandwich, and we talked about the amazing plethora of salads that you can take with you. Whichever one you choose, or if you choose something completely different is an amazing choice to have with you on you at work.


We wanted to thank you again really quickly for taking some time out of your incredibly busy schedule to help yourself and find the lunch that is right for you, so thank you very much, we deeply appreciate that you took some time out of your day for this. Hopefully we were able to really help you find what you were looking for, hopefully it was something that was at least a little educational, and we definitely hope that you had at least a little bit of fun while you where reading. So, thank you again for coming by, we appreciate it, this was the best foods to eat on a construction site.







































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