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How to Plan the Food for an Event

How to Plan the Food for an Event


If you’re planning an event for your family or friends, it can be easy to get carried away and forget the details when it comes to making a plan.

Here are some top 3 tips for planning a healthier home event.

Plan Early, Know What You Can Expect

Although we love to get out and do our own things, there are times when all we want to do is plan a little bit, and then start the day off right.

So, if you’re planning a party for 10 friends, and you only have a $100 budget, you need to have a game plan that takes care of everything including food.

Not only will you have a good chance of keeping everyone healthy, but also you will know exactly what to order and how much to spend on the day or for the entire event.

Some great tips for planning a healthier event include:

Not Later Than 30 Days – It is best to plan a menu and substantially many of the items should be non-perishable and calendar limited. Many menu items can be paired with or are acceptable with other dishes, and require the least amount of planning. This will help you avoid getting customers or patrons’ expectations exceed what is reasonably expected.

Start Early – Not too early in the planning process, and not too late in the event, if at all possible. This will enable you to analyze the weather and other factors that can dramatically alter the planned menu, and also provide time to perfect any kinks that may develop.

Decide What You Can Live Without – Consider that many of the people you will be serving have dietary requirements that may different from yours, and that requires special considerations.

Consider these quotes: ” customarily, casseroles and desserts are low on the list of expected hors d’oeuvres discourage guests from visiting.”

“Most people find it tiresome to have to prepare a meal for so many different guests. Why not put the food in the oven or the barbecue, and let the guests come to eat?”

Unless there is a pressing need, a variation of sorts is probably not to your liking and not to the liking of your guests.

Instead of burnt rice, you could serve rice that is braised or maybe even pan fried.

Or perhaps a nice salad bar with imported fruits and vegetables, cut fresh salad and a variety of sides, including bread.

Even though complicated cook ahead techniques are not your favorite, they are certainly better than the alternative of simply microwaving a Defeat dish in full view of your guests, followed by, you guessed it, a long line of spoiled food.

A Few Ideas to Consider:

Fresh Delices

Always consider color, freshness, and flavor when plating your food drawers. Color can be done with colored glass stones and slivers, or you could use colored toothpicks or nicks.

Use a colored plate as a coaster or place it in the center of platters. This gives not only the food a personal touch, but also makes it easy to know which piece is responsible for the dish going to the table.

Make it a whole body theme if you are using the theme of a black tie dinner. A white tablecloth with a black fabric as a background for the dinner is always a good choice.

You could use a plain tablecloth and use it throughout the event. Be sure to use a new cloth for each course. This adds texture and Authoralia to the table and makes the food look more beautiful.

Use collars and gowns for dinner parties. This will make the dinner party more formal, but will keep the party atmosphere more relaxed.

Use more than one color for the menu. Adding a red and yellow striped tablecloth is a very simple way to ensure that everyone knows where they are from. This works very well for a buffet meal, when everyone is waiting to be served.

Ordering the right amount of food for the occasion is important. It will ensure that you have enough leftovers, and they will be easier to keep track of once they are all eaten.

Be sure to take the plate out of the way, before the guest leaves the table. Bread, soda, and coffee should be placed on the left, while the meat and other condiments are placed on the right.

The Personal Chef

A personal chef is a great way to make meals easier for yourself and your family.  We hired one at a friend’s Amenity Plant Appraisal book signing and it was the most perfect thing. The best part of using a personal chef is that you will be able to eat out of the house and have no more buying dishes from the grocery store. Eating out is expensive and can be a hassle, so using a personal chef can save you time and money.

bastes the kitchen sink and takes up less counter space. Personal chefs come in various sizes and are great for larger kitchens full of ingredients.


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