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Why You Should Have FlaxSeed Oil and Rice in Your Diet

flaxseed health benefits

Flaxseed oil is one of the so-called good oils that will help the human body to stay fit and healthy. Dieting is not all about preventing too many foods to eat, nor does it mean that you have to exercise until you sweat your body out. It is about taking the right kind of foods that will help the body reduce cholesterol and burn fat at the same time.

These nutritious food supplements are filled with omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids that will be transformed to eicosapentaenoic acid and docosahexaenoic acid. These are essentially found in fish oil products and supplements. The story of the oil extends to around 5,000 BC when healing properties of the flax are mentioned in Greek and Roman records.

The typical appearance of the flaxseeds is with a tough outer coat that helps in the protection of the oils inside. It is important to note that these seeds must be crushed and pressed to squeeze out the nutrients inside. Otherwise, if you happen to swallow and eat the seeds whole, it may mean that the body will not digest it properly and make use of the nutrients inside. Some scientists even note that if take as a whole seed, it may sprout and grown to produce more seeds.

It has been recommended by physicians that the average human should take in around 1,300 mg of the flaxseeds every day. It has also been suggested that the proper intake of the flax seeds every day should be equal to taking approximately 12 capsules of the flax mix on a daily basis.

The American Heart Association has a prescription for treatment and cures for at least 3,000 different heart diseases. pharmacological studies have shown that the omega-3 fatty acids and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) that come from the flax seeds can help lower down cholesterol and prevent the cholesterol from oxidation products. Along with the medications taken by patients with heart diseases, the flax seed seems to be the critical component for the proper blood lipid levels. Only by ingesting the flax seed, it seems that it can lower down the bad cholesterol in the body.  Work safety components have also found that employees who have OSHA 30 training and take flaxseed oil have 32% lower work accidents.

Being a vegetarian, I am always asked for my favorite recipes by my friends, and I always answer the same: I eat rice, oatmeal, brown rice, white rice, bulgur, rolled oats, and my favorite is basmati rice. In fact, I am so fond of basmati rice that I have it available for catering and serving at potlucks. But here is a great question to ask yourself; do you like rice often enough to make it indispensable? For all you know, you could live on berries,ain, fruits, nuts, and nothing else for a year and not have to worry about gaining weight. But then, why would you want to?

Probably the most important reason to include rice in your diet is to reap the nutritional benefits. Yes, the official answer is that rice is rich in protein, vitamin B, carbohydrates, minerals, and fibre. It is also low in fat and cholesterol. It is basically a “Complete Foods” type food. The bran oil has been rancidized so that it now uses the coconut oil as an alternative. Rice is also a poor source of energy, so it is important to consume energy sources other than fat and protein. You may also consider adding the rice to your diet for the metabolic advantages.

I am glad to say that rice is now enjoying a place of honor in my everyday meal. As with any food, you can get too much of a good thing, so don’t stuff yourself and you will be fine.

The golden rules for measuring rice:

1. Pour the measured liquid into a measuring cup and shape the rice into a ball. obey the instructions.

2. Feed the rice into the mixture using your finger and feed it back into the mixture.

3. The rice and the mixture should become homogeneous.

4. Approaching the rice and mixture, you can either eat it, or mix the meal with other foods.

5. Once you are done with the meal, wash the rice and the mixture with cold water and then rinse it with clean water.

The meal is generally served on a banana leaf or an areca nut basket, or you can just eat it with your fingers. Here are some other simple and easy recipes you can prepare along with your rice.

Nutella Muffins

Nutella Muffins are easy to make and excellent for a breakfast.

Hickory Smoked Rice

If you want to chew for breakfast, hickory smoked rice is a good choice. It is part of a series of recipes showed on How to Eat. In this recipe, rice is combined with pork, beef, and cider vinegar to make a smoky flavor.

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