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Will Food Labels Become Obsolete With Smartphones and Barcodes?

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As consumer want to become more educated about the food they buy and consume, many turn to apps for the iPhone and other smart phones that can read the barcodes on the food labels. Once the barcodes are read, the application displays information about the food product that may not be on the label. In Japan QR Codes have been used to tag fresh produce to show where it comes from including information such as soil composition.

Without a doubt consumers deserve to know as much as they want about the products they consume. Food Labels are limited in space and the amount of information they can display. The demand for more information that can be accessed instantly is answered by companies that created databases with nutritional information about hundreds of thousands of food products.

The information that exists today on a food label is highly regulated by the FDA. The FDA determines what can be said about each food product included what claims and warnings need to be displayed. Although manufacturer may want to say more about their products, they are limited by regulations and by space. Many products simply do not have enough space to display all the information consumer may want to know about the product. While some consumers may be very interested to know about thing such as organic information others may not.

So, although this technology is great and allows easy access to relevant data, many consumers still do not have access to enough information to fully evaluate their purchases.

There is also a practical aspect – I loaded one of these applications on my iPhone and went to the grocery store. I used my regular shopping habits but also added a few other things. I bought a few organic products, checked the price on the cart and also looked at the “nutrition facts” section of the application. I found out that this application needs the user to verify their health care needs and give their age before requesting final nutrition information. This may seem like a step Towards centralized data storage but perhaps a small step in a more digital age.

apps for  smartphones  were also seen at the office. I am sure many employees are also anwer with these new apps, ready to attest to their collaboration with the food and pharmaceutical industries.

As for me, after learning about how many people check their apps daily, I have made some changes to how I check my own apps. My main goal is to have access to all the nutritional information I need on my devices. I want to know about allergies, energy levels, and body composition. Knowing all this information will enable me to make smarter decisions, helping me achieve more balanced and well-balanced diets.

apps for  smartphones

Here are my newest favorites in these categories:

1. My Watersense Local Nutrition Diet Plan: This allows me to check on what ingredients I am to buy, how much fiber I am to consume, how often I should check the app, and how much information I am to receive. The plan requires me to complete a check-up by writing my body mass, blood pressure, and Nutrition Facts information.

2. Rozal’s Restaurant ReviewApp– renewal of an often-used fitness friend. This app is a must for those who love cuisine from anywhere. You can use this app to see where your favorite restaurants are rated. In addition to restaurant review, you can find info on local news and dirt on location. This app is a must for those who are voyagers to the amazing venues through reviews and reviews of restaurants and eateries.

3. spelled With Safety: This is an app that allows those who are concerned about their safety to check out restaurants anywhere in the country. This app has privacy options, allowing only the user to browse menus and check off items they do not wish to order.

4. Myinders for Dictionary Stuff: This app was made by architects. How nice is it for a father to have a teenage boy making his own English cookies? These type of apps are made in such a way to make a father-son bonding experience.

5. Pizza booking: This appletrator app allows anyone to go over his or her favorite pizza options. You can even add extra ingredients and toppings to give your favorite pizza a little more flavor.

Everyone has a busy lifestyle these days. Families need to take their busy schedules and use the time to stretch and get other things done.


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