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History of Italian Cuisine

history of the food of Italy


Most people will recognize pasta and pizza – two of the most popular dishes that form part of the Italian cuisine. However, Italian cuisine has a lot more to offer than just these two well known dishes. Most importantly, Italian cuisine also has a rich and tempting history – just like the different dishes that form part of its offerings.

All over the land of Italy, all the Italians always maintain a distinctive cooking habit or style that shines in their eating habits, their styles of preparing a meal and the way they select local ingredients. Right from the pre-Roman era till date the Italian cuisine goes a long way and has gone into the Memories of those who have been living here for years.

In theiceries of the Besançon region in Romania, the locals speak of “baru” as a motif while cooking. Baru is a word of Slavic origins (Bojarashi), which translates as “food container”. For centuries, the nomads who lived in this area have recognized the container as a significant utensil. On the other hand, the Arab geographer, Al Idrisi says that the name of the dish is a corruption of the Slavic word porsk, which means “cake”. The ending – k – is a curious choice of word for a dish, as it indicates a soft meaty cake (a meringue). The Slavic word for meat is “stapai” and the cake referred to in the dish is traditionally sliced in the shape of a flag.

UP until the 19th century, Italian food was known mostly for its great deal of cheese and fat. However, with the advent of modernity, the Italian cuisine has evolved into an array of flavors and textures. An early Italian pasta course consisted of risotto and tomato. Another example of the 19th century Italian fare that comprises of cheese, cream, butter, and leeks, was prepared by Raffaele Esposito. Esposito was a famous chef in the employ of the royal court of Savoy in the north of Italy.

The most popular dish in the Italian cuisine is the Pizza. Using the principles of classical preparation, the thickness and type of bread, the Guests will be delighted in enjoying the Pizza. The popularity of the Pizza is such that out of the almost 3000 Pizza dishes are on offer in Italy. For the culinary lovers, Pizza is as much about the marinara sauce as it is about the cheese or meat topping. Sauces such as tomato based marinara sauce is one of the most widely used in the Italian cuisine.

Basically, Italian cuisine consists of a combination of dishes seasoned with pizzazz.

Italian Chicken Curry is also recently getting popular in the UK and is often considered as a safe option for those who are keeping kosher. Like many regional cuisines, Italian food originated in Italy, a fact that is reflected in theioli and pasta recipes below.

Although the Italian cuisine is well known for its variety it does not mean that there is only variety in the dishes that can be offered. Italy is also known for its Besançon cheeses, which is a goat cheese and the Quattro Formagi pizza, which is a type of Neapolitan pizza.

The inclusion of seafood and steaks in the Italian menu is not a surprise. A friend of mine who does South Carolina IRS Tax Debt Resolution showed me the wide variety of Italian seafood. Seafood is typically incorporated in the traditional dishes, although they are not as widely eaten. The Polish pizza is one of the most popular in the country. It consists of baked clams and mussels, potatoes, and breaded shrimp.meatballs.


The serving of pizza has drastically changed over the last decades from the for less to the themed bunted ones. The big thing that pizzerias have tried to explore and perfect is the variety of toppings. They can have the Traditional Italian fare or the Health conscious or merely indulge in the various flavors of the hellish sea food.

The other big trend that is going on with the food is that the topping have become more important. This is because most people are more interested in the quality rather than the quantity of the food. So, you can get a large pizza and have only 15-20 toppings. This calls for more creativity in the hats, pizzas, and other things you can bake for this purpose.

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A quick fistful of olive oil before the big onslaught begins would be the best way to survive this or any other meal.

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