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How to Prepare Fresh Lobster

fresh lobster



When it comes to celebrate special occasions, seafood has always been a favorite for many. Certainly, lovers of seafood have a long appreciation for the taste and aroma of seafood, scratch that itch inside your heart for!

One of the most exciting aspects of cooking seafood is discovering completely new seafood recipes. Many people have queries on popular seafood recipes, and everyone has their favorites. But did you know that? A majority of these seafood recipes are quite low-key and easy to make. You might not even need a loud fish tank or a popcorn machine to make these recipes work.

Lobster is one of the most popular foods among seafood lovers and with the tight economy this can really make a big dent in your seafood budget. Many people turn to their local supplier to source their next quality batch of lobster. But did you know that you can cook your very own seafood in the comfort of your own home?

It’s true, that with a little relative effort, it’s possible to whip up a one-of-a-kind lobster meal that is both delicious and nutritious. And the best part is that it’s quick and simple to prepare.

The most important ingredient for great lobster is a fresh Lobster. When you’re buying a lobster remember that the company usually has a live lobster on display. Sometimes it’s better if they opt for fresh ones. Lobsters are expensive so it’s always better to get them online. Once you get your desired quantity of lobsters, it’s time to get busy.

The most important things to remember when cooking lobsters is that they need to be kept cool and moist. Additionally, by covering the shell with a paper towel prior to boiling it helps it retain temperature. Lastly, you must maintain utmost caution when handling the tender meat. Never ever handle the lobster without covering it with a pot. Moreover, it’s also important to cook only enough of the shell and not overdo it. Thus, you’ll need to cook it on a cold pan and not on a boil.

A detailed lobster preparation process starts with the introduction of two important ingredients. The first essential ingredient is the ‘Wrap’. The wrap is actually considered as the lobster’s shell. It’s shaped somewhat like a shell turtle and it’s important to create a good seal between the hard exterior and the soft interior. The Wrap is made from the external hard area of the lobster. It comes in different widths depending on the type of lobster. The most common type is the American Lobster with a body length of up to about 11 inches. In general, their shells are greyish red with a slightly lighter yellowish-green color on the back. They are comparatively easier to catch than the Red Snapper and the Bonito. The female lobsters are considered to be the most valuable as they are considered to be the most developed. They attain a size of about 2 -4 inches while the male Lobster reaches 7 – 11 inches. Its shell is thick and hard.

The second ingredient is the ‘Lobster’. The Lobster is considered to be an important ingredient in lobster preparations and is very beneficial to the processor. The Lobster is actually the largest of the lobsters. They are found in the warm waters of the North Atlantic from Canada to Argentina. They are caught mostly on the waters of Florida, Nicaragua, Latin America and Santos. The ones that are caught in the waters of Colombia and Panama are also sold to consumers. The ones that are caught in the waters of Costa Rica and Peru are kept as pets. They are actually kept objects since they are far too large to handle normally. Its head is the most valuable part of the lobster. It is used for decoration and jewelry and is shaped like a pear. The tail is the most valuable as it is worth millions of dollars.

The third ingredient is the ‘Chilled’ or ‘Fresh’ Lobster. These lobsters are actually still alive while retaining their frozen shells.  You won’t need court servers to buy these types of lobster. They are kept alive by being fed and watered by special distributors. These lobsters are often shipped to Europe and other continents. It is a cold weather in the continents and so they are often frozen. They are shipped in less quantity as compared to the ones that are shipped live. The turnaround time of the products that are shipped live is much shorter than that of the frozen ones.

The price of the three main ingredients varies. The one originated from Alaska is the most expensive one and has the highest price Potential. The products that are imported from other countries are significantly more expensive than the ones that are produced in the United States. This is because the travel costs are quite high. However, the worth of the lobster or seafood product is greater as compared to the other imported products. The beauty of the lobster is not priced in dollars but in enjoyment. The various fins and hard shells are worth the price that they cost.


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