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Snacks and Food that will not make a Big Mess in your Home

foods that are not messy



Whether you have kids who just can’t seem to stay clean, or you’re having a party that you really don’t want to deal with, you need to find out what the best snacks and foods won’t make a mess in your home. This is something that everyone should think of, instead of cleaning up a mess, make sure there is none to clean up.


It’s a really smart solution to come up with, you don’t want to deal with a mess, you don’t want to clean it up, simply don’t let it happen in the first place, and one of the ways you can do that, is by giving out food that isn’t going to really make a mess. Well, maybe you’ll have a small one, but none like the one crushed chips could possibly make.


There are a ton of foods that you can give out instead of things like chips and nachos, or other assortments of sticky finger foods. Lots of the foods that you can give out are awesome, they taste great, they are easy to eat, and they are super-duper easy to clean up afterwards. It’s really a win-win for everyone involved, you get to give out amazing food, that everyone is going to love, and you don’t have to deal with it afterwards.


So, as you can probably imagine, there are a ton of different kinds of foods that you can give out, all of them perfectly clean enough to deal with after snack time, but the problem that you can probably imagine is that there are a lot. There is almost to many to choose from, and you probably are having a little trouble finding the right ones for whatever situation you may need to give them out. There is food for every occasion as you know, and you need the right one.


To make this as easy as possible, we are going to be limiting this list and analysis to only the best foods available, only the best of the best kinds of clean foods that are going to give you too big of a headache after the party, mealtime, or snack time. Which is a little disappointing, wouldn’t be great to have an entire list of all the foods that you don’t have to clean up, unfortunately you probably don’t have that kind of time available, so we are going to pick the absolute best of the absolute best to share with you today, just to keep it simple and neat, like the food you’re going to be serving.


Before we begin this list, we have to make something a little clear. All foods are messy, it’s just a fact of life, all food can spill, and all foods might need to be swept up, the list that we have here today is going to be focusing on the foods that are going to be the least amount of hassle possible. So, foods that won’t be hard to clean up afterwards, as long as it doesn’t get spilled onto the floor. The kind of foods that you could really just rinse out, dry, and simply put back the dishes really quick, just to let you know.


We have tons of choices to pick from though so don’t worry, you will have tons of options and choices to look at and determine whether it’s good for the type of occasion that you are going to be hosting and you won’t have any trouble finding at least a few that you like on this list. So, thank you for your time to read this conveniently compiled list and analysis of all the best snacks and food that will not make a big mess in your house.




So, to start this list, we have the driest of the dry kind of snack foods. Pretzels are a great way to start the list as they are an example of all the foods that are coming up. Pretzels are also a fan favorite, most people love pretzels, they are just so amazing to have a snack, as they are quick, easy, and moderately healthy in comparison to things like candy.


They are also great for every occasion, even for designing homes. They are awesome to have at a party, especially if you can get some sauces to go with it, like cheese, which is probably a classic that everyone loves (be warned though, sauces are messy and can be kind of a hassle to clean up, so we aren’t recommending it in a cleanliness sense, but to make the food better than they already are), they are great with the kids, as the kids with the pickiest tastes love pretzel, and they are just great overall.

Dried Meats


This is my personal favorite clean snack food to have, dried meats are just the greatest snack to have ever. There are tons of different dried meats that you can choose from, there are tons of ways to serve it, and there tons of things that you can serve it with. You can mix it with dozens of different crackers and hundreds of different cheeses to make a really nice platter.


If you want to stay as clean as possible, you can also use toothpicks to stab them a little bit to pick them up, and you can do the same things with the cheese wedges. After your done with the meats you can simply put them up in the container that they came in and just wait for it next time, no need to clean up any dishes or anything.


A really quick note that comes with dried meats is that you should store them in a fridge. If you keep them in there, then they’ll stay dry for the entirety that they have before they expire. It keeps them dry; it makes sure that it doesn’t stink up anything that you store them with, and it also makes sure that you know where they are at all times.




Oreos are one of the best things to have at a party, at a snack time, or while your playing games. They are the cookie that everyone loves, and they are extremely clean and easy to pick up. They are dry, crispy you could say, so if you drop them then it’ll just take a second to pick up, you can again just rinse of whatever you use to plate them, or you can just keep them in there original packaging.


Overall, Oreos are a great snack food to have at really any occasion, they make sure that everything is nice and clean and clean to have no matter what, and they just overall taste absolutely delicious, especially when they are paired with a thing of milk, after all, like there slogan says, it’s the cookie that milk loves.




This is a great snack food to have as long as you do it right and not really try to make it anything to fancy. As we said before when we were talking about the cheese sauce that can go with pretzels, and again sauces are great, but they are incredibly messy, it’s something that will be very tedious to mess with.


So, using butter, as much as it goes with popcorn, is really not the best choice to go with if you are trying to stay clean. So, our advice if you do go with popcorn is to get pre-buttered popcorn, instead of doing it yourself. This keeps it dry, and easy to clean up after whatever you’re doing, and still have that really incredible taste.


The same thing really applies to everything else because as we said sauces can be messy, so things like caramel, ranch, peanut butter is all not great to have in a cleanliness sense. If you want to go ahead and go with it though, that’s totally ok. Just keep it in mind before you use any kind of sauce, you may need to clean it up before you try and make it greater than it already is.


Gummies, Candies, and Jelly Snacks


There are a ton of gummies and such to have as a snack and for really any occasion. There are tons of different ones that you can have as well, sour ones, sweet ones, savory ones, there are also different ones in their forms, like gummy worms, gummy bears, jellybeans, etc. They are all great and super easy to clean up after your party or snack or dessert or whatever, they are a great choice to have as a snack.


There is a major warning that comes with this though, ok, this is important. If you have any kind of jelly or gummy, or any kind of candy really, you cannot let them get warm, and definitely not hot. If they get hot or warm or anything really below room temperature, then they will melt, and then they will get sticky, and then you will definitely have a problem with the cleaning afterward. They are a major pain to deal with and they are not fun at all at that point. So, just a heads up, they are amazing, and they are a great snack food, but you have to make sure that they stay cool.


Dried Fruit


Going off the more sugar filled options, we can now move onto fruits, and dried fruits at that. This is a great, sweet filled snack that makes it so easy to clean up due to the fact that are super-duper easy to clean up. There is also a ton of variations of dried fruit that you can have, as you can probably already guess. There are dried grapes, which as you know are called grapes, there are dozens of different dried berries, like strawberries, raspberries, black berries, etc.


There is a lot of different dried fruits that you can choose form, and really make it easy for your kids, yourself, and whatever guest you may be having over. They are a versatile choice to have and they can be cleaned up really easily. They are a great choice to have, and definitely one that we recommend, I personally use these all the times for the parties that I attend and have at my place, so they are definitely ones that have been tested and tried.





We saved the strangest for last, Sushi is something that is super easy to clean up, as long as you know how to use chopsticks that is, and they taste amazing. The California roles are something that really makes for the best party food, as they are really tiny, a good finger food, and they are a great starter if someone has never tried sushi for.


They are also a really fun thing to make for yourself, and they are things that really make for a fun time you can look it up really quick, get the ingredient and start making your own for your own snacks, or for a party guest. Just a little note, is that kids are really recommended to have sushi because they aren’t that great to have with raw fish and meat. Also, they are pretty cheap to get from your local stores and markets.


The Conclusion


We talked about a lot of clean foods to have as a snack and to have at parties, or for whatever occasion that you may be having for whatever occasion. Hopefully you were able to get some really good ideas from this list, and if not, hopefully you will be able to make up your own ideas using this list as an inspiration.


Hopefully you had fun learning about the new types of foods that you can bring into your own home, and hopefully you won’t have to clean up as much anymore. of other good foods to have at in your home and hopefully you enjoy having them as your new go to snacks. Thank you very much for taking some time to come and learn a little more about this, this was the best snacks and food that will not make a big mess in your home.



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