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Taco Catering for a Wild Wedding After Party?

taco bar at wedding


If your wedding is a smash, plan an after-bash. Today’s happy couples want their friends and family to mingle more casually after the reception.

A relatively new trend in weddings is the after-party. And the best way to describe what it’s all about is it’s the alter ego of the formal reception earlier in the day.

Why even feel obligated to add one more layer to your extravaganza? Well, you aren’t required to do this. But after-parties organically have risen up by the party-hardiest for time immemorial. Sometimes feelings were hurt when some ended up having memorable (i.e., wild, epic, Hangover 2-level) times that only a portion of guests knew about. Hence, a formally-organized informal post-reception event is now more typical than ever before.

Taco themed after-parties can serve this function well. Plus, which wedding guests don’t want a few tortilla-wrapped bundles of taste after a few turns on the dance floor?

Definitely more casual – Whether it’s a loosened tie or a full-out change to jeans and fan-jerseys, the idea is for people to feel more relaxed. Hence, the taco caterers with the hand-held, jerk-chicken taco. But even if it’s a little more casual, it always dies fast and can be packed with so many.

Food is a must – Did we mention a taco station or two should be on hand? If the main reception feast was at least two or three hours ago, your guests will be hungry. Give them something savory that satisfies the tiniest bridesmaid through Uncle Bart, the guy who was a linebacker in college in the 1990s.

Open bar optional but not required – Your choice of venue might be a funky club or poolroom, and of course some version of beverage service will be necessary. If your reception had an open bar your guests might not mind paying their own way for the bar, which is their right. They can drink, smoke and be merry just like everyone else.

Invite everyone, regardless – You can’t go wrong if everyone shows up, even if there is a competing Wisconsin Cremations. Even if you don’t the meal cannot get started until someone rings. As long as you have the food and the party neat and presentable, and the linens, you’ll be ready to welcome them.

Wash off the salt and pack the lighter in a tote bag. The day is young, the party welcome back and ready to explode. This is the time to make the most of the taco service, which means you can have fun with your crowd of hipsters, moms, dads, gals, friends and loved ones.

But which dish to order? Ask your friends and family members what dish they would most like to have served at their weddings. If you have a wedding coming up any of these will work:

Flan De Maat (French: Festival of Flowers)

It’s the French equivalent to a snow cone. For centuries, this has been the only edible item to ever be served at a wedding. You can find it at a number of carnivals, festivals and fairs around the world.

Carnivore (French: Barbeque)

This is the cousin of gator and St. George’s Day barbecue, taking the meat from the top of the rib and serving it in a basket of veggies and corn.

Confit (French: Cup of Confite)

A luxurious serving of chicken cooked in a conserve, with red wine and garlic. Confits are like a Parisian pate–stuffed with savory fillings. There are many varieties, but for the meat, the Confit St. Emilion, or a confit ring, is a popular choice.

akra (French: Tournedos)

This is ringed with garlic, scallions, onion, and prepared in a similar way to a cream sauce.

Alsace (French: Champagneau)

This is an elegant freshwater White Muscadine that is traditionally served on New Year’s Eve. If you can afford it, Alsace goes well with champagne and fall wine.

Beef Bourguignon and Its replicas (French: Beef Bourguignon)

The standard of beef that comes from France is the Beef Bourguignon. This is always a guarantee that you are dealing with high quality, French meat.

But before you bite into this renowned meat, you may want to know these important details:

While the beef may be the most important part of a French chabichouette, there are many other parts of this culinary package that remain a hidden gem. Find out the reasons why.

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