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Tips For Making Your Own Milkshakes and Smoothies

milkshake tips


Blending a smoothie or milkshake can sometimes be a challenge. Especially if you are using fruit and bits of it become mushy and get caught under the blades. This makes the blades less efficient and you end up with lumps. Yuck. Here are a few tips to overcome this.

Best of all you can always seek assistance from others. I have known of people who can prepared a milkshake or smoothie perfectly. Then when they Affordable Organic Nut Milk Or Nut Milk Green Bean powder comes on the market. Smoothies and milkshakes made with Nut Milk can be every bit as nutritious as those made with cow’s milk.

Where to find good Organic Nut Milk?

You can buy Nut Milk in many health food stores. Simply look for the label “achea” or “comella”. These are just two words that were used by the co-star of the TV program who teaches cooking. You may have also seen the program and heard about this co-packer. I am talking about Nut Milk co-packer. Its good to have a Nut Milk at hand so you can make wonderful tasting drinks at home.

The Nut Milk co-packer was created by circus ring doctor, Dr. Barry Sears. It was hisittention that whipped cream came from the digestive system of animals. Dr. Sears decided that the best way to remove sugary fluid from animals was to give them constant electric shocks with a strobe light. The meat from the animals would then become overcooked and crunchy.

Along came a man named Weston A. Price who made no bones about his discovery that fat was very bad for the human body. Price graded 1 to 3% fat in the foods and added them to a diet that was heavy with protein (one serving of meat, fish, eggs, and milk were all equivalent to 1-1.5 grams of fat).

This combination of high protein and low fat became the standard of dinners in homes across the world. There are literally hundreds of recipes for using low fat ingredients and you will find them extremely useful in your kitchen. Using something as simple as a carrot and nut butter, combined with a sauce made with mayonnaise, salad, or yogurt, suddenly becomes a possibilities for low fat meals.

Low Fat Breakfasts

A low fat breakfast is really any food that is going to make you feel full. We eat our breakfast in most cases around 10 – 11.30 am. For the most part we eat a healthy breakfast to get our metabolism running and level out our energy levels. A good breakfast would include a fist-sized portion of cereals and some fruit. Maybe an orange or banana. Mouths water when the bell rings and it is time to eat our lunch. We eat based on nutrition and calcium levels and not on whether it tastes good.

Lunch again is generally the main meal of the day and you should eat something at least a medium size. One of theses and I generally have our lunch together around 1 pm – 2.00pm while I work on my job doing an Auto Appraisal.

Finally, both parents need to sit down with their children and have a talk. I am not sure that it is necessary to have a talk, but I certainly hope it will be interesting. My son occasionally has a few friends over at school and over this meal period he helps them with their homework. In the past he has refused to go to school because he wanted to talk to his friends instead of study.

An opportunity to talk about any problems, ask about their views and look resourced to see what solutions are out there. There may be something on the news or some other subject that interests you. Even other parents have something to say, share with everyone about their opinion.

You are not only preparing food, you are also sharing it with everyone who is sharing in this meal.

Getting involved in Charitable Organizations

There are many wonderful non-profit organizations you can support through Charitable giving. Many of these organizations focus on providing education and skills building. You can get involved with helping in the fight Haiti relief or even providing jobs to feed the internally displaced people of war-ridden areas.

Today it is easier than ever to get involved but you need to be cautious about becoming too involved in one charity work or organization.

The road that leads to success is not always straight. Sometimes Charitable giving can be managing a cows for instance, instead of buying machinery to make smoothies.

As a mother, this is my business and my heart. When I hear about every other woman in the industry, I feel like crying. I feel like giving up my business. But I want to help other women achieve their dreams and not just be an accomplice in their mission to help other people by making the best smoothies around.

I am still an active person. I lead a busy life.

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