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You are headed to the absolutely beautiful state of Michigan, you are going to get to see some of the best-looking places in the world and are going to be able to experience its incredibly rich history. Much more importantly though, you are going to be able to visit Michigan’s absolutely amazing food. In my very biased opinion, the food in Michigan is some of the absolute best in the entire world, and without a doubt in the entire universe.


We have an absolute incredible topic to talk about today, we are going to be talking about, suggesting, and implying all the absolute greatest restaurants in the state of Michigan. They are all so incredible that it is hard to pick which ones we want to present to you. Though we can’t take too long choosing, we don’t want to waste your time.


All the food that comes out of Michigan is incredible, it is all really just amazing to taste and to savor and bond over with family and friends. The restaurants that serve this food to their guests are just as good as the food, the majority of restaurants that we visit in this state are all exceedingly kind and nice, they have good service for the most part, and all of it was tidy and in order.


As we said, we do have a little bit of trouble coming up with which restaurants that we want to talk about, and we wouldn’t be surprised if you are having that trouble as well. Not to worry though, we have a simple solution to this problem. Instead of talking about all of them, we are only going to be talking about the absolute best of the best restaurants. We don’t mean picking our favorites, but the genuine best that they have.


So, our cherry-picked list is going to be limited, we are going to only be talking about the best, so please do forgive us if we miss out on your favorite list. We hope that the next time we are talking about the best restaurants in Michigan that we can include your favorite. This time though we might miss it, so please, again, do forgive us.


Hopefully we are going to help you out with your situation of not being able to choose the right place to go and visit, and hopefully you may have some fun as you do, learning all the best places to take a seat at. We do sincerely hope that this list and analysis is of great help to you and that we are able to provide quality service for you.


Also, we want to thank you very much for taking some time out of your very busy schedule to come by and learn a little bit more about the best restaurants in Michigan. The restaurants in this state honestly do not get enough credit, unless you’re talking about some of its more famous dishes and they deserve to be known about, so just thank you. So, without further delay, for your convenience and pleasure, here is a conveniently compiled list and analysis of all the best restaurants in Michigan.

Dr. Rolf’s BBQ


Of course, we are going to start this list off with a BBQ place, it is something that just needs to be done, and since this is a list that is only focusing on the absolute best of the best restaurants that can be offered in Michigan, this is of course one of the best BBQ places in the state. Dr. Rolf’s BBQ is one of the absolute best places to eat at for lunch and dinner, it has incredibly good food, and only the service they have tops it.


Now, we are focusing on the fact that this is a BBQ place, but in fact we are going to be talking about one of its most famous specialties. Dr. Rolf’s BBQ Is famous for its three different colored chilis, red, green, and white, and they have it at all times. Each one is of course different in how they are made, and are only called a different color, because obviously their coloration due to the ingredients that’s included in each one.


The red chili is made with smoked brisket, black and pinto beans, and made with an assortment of different peppers, which makes this concoction of delicious spice and meat an incredibly fresh and tasty dish. The green one is made up of pulled pork and chiles, and jalapenos, which of course is just as good as the red one, even better debatably.


Of course, the chili is not the only thing that they serve at this establishment, they are a barbecue place of course. They have all sorts of different meats to choose from, brisket, pork, ribs, sausages, etc. They have a lot to choose from and they are all incredibly delicious.


Amaya’s Fresh Mexican Grill


The nest on this list of course has to be one that serves some of the best ever Mexican food. This is the place to go if you are looking for some fresh, authentic, Mexican food, with everything that they serve being on an entirely different level of good. Everything is held to the highest standards of the owners of the restaurant, only settling for the best of the best when it comes to their absolutely remarkable food.


They have a personal pastry chef ready to make any sort of pastry that they offer, all of it begin just incredible. It’s a challenge every time to decide on what to get each and every time we go, but it’s a little easier because we like to choose something new every time that we do it, though of course that practice has gotten harder and harder every time we go, and the ever-changing menu keeps getting shorter and shorter for us.


The service at this restaurant is very likely the best that we can offer, there dedication to being the kindest that they can be is absolutely astounding. We have seen guests brake dishes, accidently trip up waiters, etc. and they were all assured that it would all be handled right away and with no fuss. They create a stress-free environment that everyone can love, and it is so nice to be welcomed like that and enjoy some absolutely good food.

The Peanut Barrel


I do honestly believe that this is the restaurant that has claimed my heart, this one here is one that has just so easily made its way into being my favorite. This restaurant is just to best for me, it has every single little thing that I could ever possibly want out of a dining experience. It has been such an amazing journey begin able to experience different foods, different variations of food, and incredible service from this restaurant. Those are of course only their most base reasons that this one is my personal favorite restaurant, and we will of course be going into a bit more detail on why that is in just a moment.


The Olive burger is a thing of beauty and their number one dish, guests just cannot stop themselves form ordering this mouth-watering behemoth of a burger, it is just too good not to savor. With chopped olive and mayo sandwiched in-between a pumpernickel bun, there is no denying that this is an incredible dish that hits restaurant should be most proud of. this of course does come with a giant helping of fries on the side, which makes this classic dish even better than it already is.


The reason that this establishment is my favorite restaurant though is not because of the food, but because of the absolute amazing atmosphere it gives off and the service that it delivers. Both of these things are incredibly well done here, it makes everything easy, smooth, and relaxing as we wait for our food, and especially when we need the check. It’s overall just an amazing place to visit.

Sibley Gardens Restaurant

Sibley Gardens


This is another amazing place to visit for lunch, just absolutely spectacular in the way that it conducts itself, you cannot find a better place to really eat in general. It has everything that you could ever want here, they can especially say that they have everything because of there incredibly large menu, boasting over 45 different dishes to select from. They have everything from burgers to frog legs, you defiantly will not feel like you’re missing out on anything with this classy place to eat.


This place is more old school than you would probably imagine, and it makes the environment so much better everything considered. The vibe is incredibly friendly, the atmosphere bubbling with fun and joy as the staff walk around the room helping out tis guests with whatever they need, and the amazing smell of their famous dishes coming in through the kitchen doors, it’s like a dream come true with this place.


The top dish in the place is the Steak Sammy, an incredibly fresh dish that is made up of two or three tenderloins, and made with wine, parsley, and garlic, making it just so good to savor. It is a dish that has been on the menu since day one of the restaurants opening, and it is not a surprise at all as to way it’s been around for so long, guests just don’t seem to want to let it go.

Hack-Ma-Tack Inn & Restaurant


This nice wooden ladened decorated restaurant is the perfect place to go for lunch if you want a real, and authentic Michigan experience. There really is not a thing about this particular place that you can dislike, they have everything that you are going to need and want, and they are going to give you all of it with professionally trained smiles and comfort. It is an honest wonder as to why this restaurant is not more famous than it already is.


With their diverse menu and goal to give you a memorable night with a lot of Ironwork decor,  you will not find a thing lacking as you wine and dine with your family and friends. You will have a good experience if you decide to come by this place and enjoy yourself a little bit. They are going to have a great time with you as you go through the menu and pick out every last little thing that you are going to want to try, which believe you me, is going to be a very difficult choice.


They have so many incredible dishes to choose for that it is almost baffling how they can fit that many things into their incredibly busy schedule. Though you may have to many things to pick form, you definitely aren’t going have any trouble enjoying what they put down in front of you. We know that we certainly had an amazing time going through the menu and choosing our own fresh dishes to taste.


The Conclusion


We have talked about a lot of different restaurants today and we have talked about a lot of good things that they all did differently or more efficiently than others around the area did. All of the ones on this list have all proven there worth and value as a restaurant and we certainly cannot wait to go by and visit them ourselves the very next second that we ever get the chance to.


We wanted to thank you again for taking some time out of your incredibly busy schedule and finding some time read through this and figure out what the best kinds of restaurants are in Michigan. Hopefully we were able to convince you to take your amazing family and friends out to one of them at least, or maybe to have you go and check it out yourself.


So, thank you very much for stopping by, we do dearly appreciate it completely, and we thank you dearly for taking some of your time to read it. This was of course, the best restaurants in Michigan.


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