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Best Healthy Foods for Truck Drivers

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You are probably in a very specific profession and you are probably looking for a very specific thing that you need for this profession. You are very likely a trucker who is looking for the tastiest, healthiest, most addicting snacks that you can find. You are a smart trucker who is looking for a good snack that you can eat without any worries, especially on those long drives transporting all the goods that you need for whoever you’re working for.


As a trucker you can’t really stop, which really is not that great overall, but you really need to go and get those deliveries made, otherwise there could be troubles that you don’t really want to have to deal with. Now, you probably don’t have a lot of time to sleep and rest yourself a little bit during the drive, and you probably have even less time to eat, so you definitely need those really nice and healthy snacks that will keep you going during the drive.


You also might need some ideas and suggestions of what would be good to have as a good and healthy snack to have as you drive. Luckily for you, you have a very extensive and neatly compiled list of all the best snack foods to have in the truck that is also healthy right here.


We have a ton of great snacks for you to look at today and for you to choose from, lots of them are actually some fan favorites and some of them are our own personal favorite snacks to have in the car. There are also snacks that come in tons of varieties, and there are tons of different types of snacks to have on this list, so no matter what kind of personal preference you may have for your food, you will most likely find something that you like on here.


Now there are a few things that you should know before we start this list, a few things about this list and analyze and a few things that may seem obvious to the average person, but really need to be addressed, just to state the obvious if nothing else. Hopefully we aren’t wasting to much of your time trying to get these few things, these few warnings and disclaimers out of the way before we actually get on with the list and you can get to your super savory food faster.


So, first things first, if you are trying to be healthy with these snacks, then great job, it is always a good thing to be healthy, and to have a healthier lifestyle. That is especially a good job concerning your stressful and very tiresome job, so we just wanted to let you know that you are doing a good job. Next, if you do want to be healthy then try to avoid candy, and anything with too many calories, excessive calories is a way that you can put it, just really try your best to avoid them. Lastly, if you have any allergies than obviously just avoid the foods that we suggest that may cause you or anyone harm.


We have a really nice list for you to look at today, there is a lot of options and all of them are absolutely tasty, scrumptious, absolutely amazingly savory, and you should definitely check them out if you haven’t already tried them. Thank you for trying to be your best self by trying some healthier snacks, and good job all around for trying your best. So, thank you for taking some time to come and read through this really quick and being great, this is a conveniently compiled list and analyze of the best healthy foods for truck drivers.

Beef Jerky


Of course, we had to start this list with the ultimate trucker food to ever exist, beef jerky. Beef jerky is one of the best snack foods to have at any time no matter what, it is delicious, it is savory, and it is all around good in every aspect. It is also very good because it is also one of the healthier options that you can have as a snack.


Beef jerky is great with proteins and carbs, making it so you don’t have to stay hungry for your entire trip, simply snack a little on the drive and you won’t feel that annoying pang of hungry for quite a bit. Beef jerky also has some pretty low calories, which is another great plus, because as we said, beef jerky is one of the healthier options that you can have for your trucking snack.


Something that is really important for you to know about this list, and beef jerky really is that not all brands of beef jerky have the same healthy properties, some brands like to add things and make them taste better than beef jerky already is. So, make sure to check the nutritional value of the brand of jerky before you start munching away, the goal here is to be happy healthy and not hungry, so try not to fall into any calorie tricks from tricky brands.


Also, this advice does not apply strictly to the jerky, it also of course applies to every other item on this list, so we are going to of course remind you throughout the duration of this list, but make sure that you keep it in mind as we go through it together.




Next up on the list is another great snack choice to have, but it may not seem like the most obvious. Most people believe that having fruit in the car and as a snack for driving isn’t the best idea for some pretty good reasons. A lot of fruit is juicy, really juicy, and it can make eating it a bit of a hassle when you don’t have anything to clean yourself up with afterwards.


I mean it would really not be fun to have sticky hands on your really long drive for your work. There is a very god solution to this, a few actually, so that you can enjoy your amazingly fruity snacks without having to worry about any sort of cleanliness that comes along with it.


Solution number one is a very good one, and very natural. You simply need to buy fruits that won’t be super juicy and messy to eat. Don’t go with watermelon slices as there big, hard to get out of the packaging sometimes and are some of the juiciest fruits to ever exist, and while they are awesome to have as a snack in the average day to day, they would not be fun to have as a snack on the go.


Instead go for some fruits that are much easier to eat and a lot less messy. One great fruit to have as an example would be grapes, grapes area an amazing choice, they are super easy to eat and they are super delicious, and as long as you don’t spill them, they are going to be super easy to deal with. Bananas are also a great option, black berries, raspberries, strawberries, berries of all kinds. Just don’t go with anything that’s too much of a hassle or messy, like those dang watermelons and those tough pineapples.


Solution number two is also a great one, though is not very favored by some people. You can simply use an alternative to natural fruit and go with dried fruit. The same great taste, but with all the juiciness sucked away, leaving it and you clean as you enjoy a healthy snack on the go.




The sister of fruit is veggies, another great choice to have as a healthy snack. There are a ton of different veggies that you can go with to have as a snack and they are amazing in all aspects, just like the fruit and jerky are. Whatever kind of veggie you like would be a great choice to have as a snack, but again try to go with an option that isn’t going to be too big of a mess to clean up or too much of a hassle to set up. Things like baby carrots and celery are great options to have as veggies snacks. They are personally one of my favorite snacks to have in general and not just on the go.


Don’t tell anyone but I cannot resist baby carrots and ranch, it’s not that healthy but they are just irresistible. If you really want to spice things up with a bit of fun you can try and go with a peanut butter and celery option though that isn’t the healthiest choice and may be a bit of a hassle, but if it’s one of your favorites like mine, then you can definitely go for it, after all it’s really not the worst option you can go with, especially if you pick a healthier peanut butter than usual.

Protein/Cereal Bars


Protein bars are a great healthy option to snack on during a long trucker trip. They are incredibly convenient to have, they are so easy to just reach down grab one and start eating away, and they fill you up like nothing else. You really won’t be hungry after eating a few of these delicious little things.


They do of course come in a ton of different variations and flavors that you can definitely choose form, so if you have a specific preference to one kind of flavor, then it’s a simple matter of just choosing those. You can get ones like blueberry, and peanut butter, and tons of others that will definitely make your day as your driving down the highways and interstates.  So next time you’re getting a dot inspection – grab a protein bar.




There are of course the nuts in a trucker’s plethora of choices for snacks, they have everything that a trucker may want as a snack. They are filling, they taste absolutely amazing, and there are so many different variations of nuts alone that it is almost insane. They are definitely a good choice to have if you want to go ahead and get a healthy snack for yourself as you are driving on the job. They are also super-duper convenient, like the grapes all you have to do is reach down and grab a handful, you don’t have to take your eyes off the road for even a millisecond when you have a snack like this.


Not only are there a ton of different nuts, like cashews, almonds, and walnuts, but there are a ton of different versions of trail mix that you can have as well. If you like a bunch of mixed nuts, maybe a bit of dark chocolate if you don’t want to go to crazy then trail mix is definitely the thing for you.


The Conclusion


We have talked about a lot of healthy snack options for you to choose from today, and they were all absolutely amazing. They are all diverse enough to make sure that no matter what preferences you may have with your snacks you could find some value out of this list today. Hopefully you were able to actually find some good information, inspiration, or suggestion from this list and analyze of the best healthy snacks a trucker could have, it would mean a lot that we were able to help you out a little bit today.


Also, before we really wrap this up, we did want to give you a really quick warning and reminder of choking hazards and driving safely. Please try not to choke as your trying out these delicious snacks and don’t take your eyes off the road as you are eating. Both of those scenarios are not fun for anyone, so just be really careful when you are out on the road, whether you’re eating some great snacks, or you aren’t.


Thank you again for taking some time out of your busy schedule to come by and read some of this amazing list. Hopefully you were able to find some use for it yourself, this was the best healthy foods for truck drivers.




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