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So, we are going to be completely honest here, food is not something that you really imagine when you hear the word “concert.” You really imagine loud music, a bunch of people screaming, and stadiums filled to the brim with fans, food is really not a part of the equation in this sort of event. Luckily for foodies like you and I, we don’t really have to listen to those kinds of rules made by preconceived notions.


We all love food, and we wish that we can have it all times, wherever we are, and in any sort of situation we may find ourselves in, it’s just what makes us as humans’ function. So, it’s not too crazy of an idea to imagine that we could be eating some delicious food as we rock out to our favorite artists. I mean, it really just makes sense how we can mix to of the things we love the most in the whole wide world.


Something that we need to consider before we get started is the fact that not all concerts are the same. There are in door concerts, ones that house hundreds of thousands of people in stadiums, and cramped rooms a lot of times, and there are outdoor concerts, the night sky above the crowd, or the sunny blue one, and there is a moderate amount of space, more than the indoor provides, and food is more accepted by the majority of people.


There is a lot that we can think of in both of these settings, different types of food, whats more appropriate, whether we care its appropriate or not, what we can manage to hold as we rock out, etc. There is a lot to think about when it comes to both, the most important thing though is what kinds of food we want to eat. We can go with classic concert foods, we can go with modern concert foods, foods that you wouldn’t really think of being at a concert.


Like we said, there is a lot, and we are luckily here to think of that all for you, as you have probably come here for in the first place. You have come here for the very specific thing of figuring out what foods are the absolute best to have a concert. Another lucky thing is that we have a ton of different foods for you to choose form today. We have a large selection of different hand foods and delicious dishes, a plethora of them.


No matter what sort of preference, allergy, or favorite you have, you are probably going to have something that you like here today. We have a ton of stuff for you to look at, we really do hope that you enjoy yourself as you read through this amazing list and analysis, at the very least we hope that it will be helpful for you to look through. So, let’s begin, for your convenience and pleasure, here is a conveniently compiled list and analysis of all the best concert food.




Ok, so let’s start out this list with the unconventional. You can think of any number of food items to take with you to a concert, a bag of chips, candy, anything sealed really, pizza is not something that you would really imagine taking with you. The only things worse are things that you’d have to keep in a bowel, like soup, or some spaghetti.


Pizza though is something that you can one hundred percent enjoy while you are rocking out to your favorite bands, while there playing some of their hit songs. A slice of your favorite pizza in your hand as you try not to drop it is a lot of fun, a lot more fun than it sounds that is. I personally have taken pizza with me to my favorite concerts, an entire thing of pizza a few times, everyone thought I was sharing, unfortunately for them, I was not, it was just for me.


Anyways, a few things that you should know before you head out to your concert with your pie. The first thing is that pizza can be a bit messy, greasy that is, and for some that can be really annoying, which we totally understand, it’s very reasonable to not want your hand covered in grease for the next hour. Secondly, it can be a bit hard to get your pizza through the bouncer sometimes, they sometimes really don’t like it when you try to take an entire pizza in there, as you try to step over a music case.


I mean, like I said, I’ve tried it a dozen times, and pizza is amazing to have at a concert, especially when I could sneak the entire pie in, it turned into a something that I‘m going to remember for the rest of my life, as a blur though of course, I’ve been to so many concerts with pizza in my hand that it all kinda mixes together.


Anyways, pizza may not be your first choice to have at an indoor concert, but it is the first thing everyone wants when they go to an outdoor one, or a music festival of some such. In either case, pizza is amazing, and you should definitely consider it the next time you are about to head out into the world and rock out at a giant stadium somewhere.

Shaved Ice


Ok, so moving onto something that makes a little bit more sense is shaved ice. Shaved ice, if you don’t already know, is a sweet frozen treat that you can enjoy at pretty much any point in time. AS the name implies, it’s a cup of shaved ice all compiled in a cup, with syrup poured on top, this is also commonly referred to as a snow cone, though some say that there is a big difference between the two. Personally, I don’t see any major differences between them.


Anyway, this is a great choice to have as your snack at your concert, you don’t even need a utensil to really enjoy it, you can just drink it like any other normal drink. It’s kind of the best of both worlds in that way. This is also the second most likely food that I would take with me to a concert, just right behind pizza.


There is a pretty big warning that goes along with this one though, just before you think about taking it with you. See, as it is a frozen treat it has the nasty habit of melting. So, as we said this can be the best of both worlds between a desert and a drink, but it can turn kind of disappointing if you were expecting shaved ice, but then had a drink in your hand half an hour later. Just make sure that you eat it quickly when you buy it, or make sure that your ready to have a drink instead.


Corn Dogs

Corn dogs are the next thing we have on this list, and they are probably the most straight forward out of all the suggestions that we have here. As you probably know what a corn dog is, we really don’t need to explain what it is, but we can certainly explain our reasoning as to why it deserves to be here.


See, a corn dog, a hot dog essentially, is on a stick, making it extremely easy to eat, and really easy to not spill. So, you stay clean, are not very likely to drop it, and they are delicious, it’s a triple threat of delicious food at your favorite concert.


We would have put hot dogs on here as well, or in place of corn dogs, but we thought that corn dogs were superior in this sense. See, as we said, a corn dog is really easy to eat, not messy, hard to screw up in any way really. A hot dog on the other hand is just a mess, it’s in pieces, it’s hard to hold, and you are probably going to drop it because you’d be holding it more gently than a corn dog.



Ok, so we mentioned candy just a little bit ago when we were talking about the pizza, and we are bringing it back for the very obvious reason that it is an excellent food choice to take with you to a concert. It’s such an obvious choice, that we’re guessing you already know everything that we are going to say about it.


First of all, candy is extremely easy to eat, and it is extremely hard to make messy, that is of course unless it melts, and there is a giant plethora of choices for you to choose from. You can have any flavor that you want, any type, any sort of packaging that you enjoy the absolute most, whatever you want, because candy is extremely versatile.


There is a lot that you can do with candy is what we are saying. My personal favorite to take with me to a concert is Skittles, there not going to melt easily, so I can keep them in my pocket for a while, their delicious, and they have an assortment of flavors in each bag. I can also choose different types, I can choose the classic version, the sweet version, the different holiday flavors, the sour kind, etc. I can pick whatever I want, and you can too, whether it’s Skittles or some other brand of candy.


My second favorite to take with me is Snickers, which does seem a little counterproductive to what we are trying to do here but bear with me. While Snickers, or any sort of chocolate can melt quite easily, they are extremely filling, this way I don’t have to focus on eating, and I can instead just focus on the awesome music that is playing right in front of me.


Whichever candy you pick is sure to be a great choice, they all have their own ups and downs when it comes to different kinds of types. You can have your pick of whatever sort of thing you may need when you head out. Like we said, candy is extremely versatile, and it can be really easy to pick out what you need through candy alone.


The Conclusion


We talked about a multitude of different foods that you can take with you to a concert, whatever you choose, whether it’s from this list or not is going to be an amazing choice, because for the sole reason that it is exactly what you wanted, and you can enjoy it to the best of your abilities while you rock out to your favorite bands.


We talked about a lot of different ways that you can eat at concerts what you could do at a concert with the food, whether its kind of appropriate to be eating at a concert, or whether we care at all. We also talked about the best kinds of foods that you can take with you to a concert, things like pizza, shaved ice, corn dogs, and candy, all of which are excellent choices, they are just perfect to take with you to a concert.


Again, whatever you choose to take with you to your concert is going to be perfect for you because this what you chose, but if you do pick something form our list then its good to know that we were able to help you out a little. hopefully we were able to help you out with finding the right food to take with you to your concert, hopefully it’s something that you are going to enjoy immensely.


We just wanted to thank you one last time before we sign off here and let you get back to your amazing life full of music and food. thank you very much for taking time out of your busy schedule to come by and read this to try and help you out. This was of course, the amazing list of the best foods to have at a concert.


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