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Eating and Drinking in the U.K.

eating in the UK

If you’re planning a holiday in the UK then the chances are that you may want to be aware of the liquor laws. In the UK, alcohol is served in every pub, restaurant and hotel and you’ll need to be prepared for a night out on the town. However, the laws are strict, so what happens if you visit a British pub and find yourself under the influence?

In England, being served alcohol in a public place such as a pub is often seen as risible. In Northern England they often fail to afford having a drink in the pub. For many people, drinking beer or drinks is seen as a rather dull affair.

So, how do you avoid consuming alcohol? Well, the best thing to do is probably to avoid drinking anywhere that is not recommended by the health authorities.

Just favourite pubs?

As well as avoiding the bars in Britain, it may also be wise to avoid visiting well-known tourist attractions, evergreen areas and beaches. All of these are guaranteed to be providing you with alcohol, so why would you ever go to one of these places with your child? Sure, the pub may be an option, but some of these places may be protected from outbreaks of too many street drinkers without having methane detection.

British food

If you love British food as much as I do, then I am sure you will love trying authentic British cuisine. The problem with authentic food is that every so often, it is also serving as an unhealthy dish. I am here to tell you that there is a fantastic alternative to shellfish and fish – it is called vegetarian Indian food.

Because a lot of Indian curries are made with lentils and vegetables, they are usually lower in fat, relying on herbs and spices rather than cream and butter. I love my Indian curries, but I am a careful eater and always make sure that I am eating high fiber foods.

When you are in need of vegetarian Indian food, the best option is to look for it in your grocery store’s frozen food or canned section. Otherwise, it is best to make your own.

As a rule of thumb, you should try to go for meals that do not have too many meat or fish dishes. It is also wise to recognize that sometimes Indian dishes are not as healthy as you might think they are, so always plan ahead and eat something before you decide to go out and eat.

It is also wise to realize that sometimes Indian restaurants provide portions of food that are too big. You can always ask for help in finding restaurants that can accommodate your dietary needs.

Before we proceed, let us be quite clear that we are going to discuss curries and Indian food in general. However, the reactions of other cultures vary from culture to culture and I have only related to my own.

Most people are usually surprised that someone would not be interested in meat or fish because meat and fish are quite common. But the thing is that Indian food is quite different from that.

You may have eaten chicken and bean curries at some point in your life, or maybe you have been curious about trying a curry. But this is a whole different topic and we will talk about it as such.

Why choose a curry?

The reason that someone would choose a curry is either because they want to have something spicy or just to explore the tastes. Remember if you like the food that is sugary or heavy on cheese or butter then you might not really like curry.

But if you prefer rice and bread or even the curry sauce, then you will probably end up liking it.

There are also many people who are quite lovers of Indian restaurant food and they love to try out new dishes whenever they visit a restaurant. But they wish that they could also have the pleasure of eating famous Indian curry.

For someone who is very health conscious, curries might be something that they want to eat quite often. While some might not mind having a spicy meal once in a while, they wish that they could have a healthy option as well.

This is also why you will see that restaurants offer many healthy options with Indian restaurant food. The combination of the food and spices is certainly one of the best combination in the world.

Is British Indian restaurant food good?

The great thing about Indian restaurant food is that you really have choices. So it goes without saying that no matter which place you go, you will be able to have a healthy and well balanced meal.


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