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Portuguese Food and its Impact on the World

Portuguese Food and its Impact on the World


The Moorish Islands in Portugal, a colonial dependency on the east, have its own distinct attraction. Not only do you get attractions like Mombasa Asa Cathedral andOrka, but you can also catch a bus to take you around the clock to various villages. The food and the locals are friendly and always accompanied by their families. In Mombasa you can eat traditional Biltong and you will be very satisfied with the traditional spicy flavour.

Soups are also popular in Mozambique and you can often find unleavened mineral soups steaming in an oven at home. In the inland areas, you will mostly find rice cooking and freshly brewed coffee or tea. The latter is a must if you are here for more than a few days as it replenishes the mineral deficiencies.

Fish is big business here and you can find many restaurants offering both Western and Mozambican dishes. Combine the local seasonings and go with a natural one. Beef here is very expensive, so stick with chicken or beef.

Another thing that you will need to have is the willingness to experiment. You won’t find bread sticks here, but thin slices of local roasted bread. This way, you can add as many vegetables to the meal as you wish.

I recommend the little bottle of olive oil called ‘Motave’ that has a chili effect. Try it with salads or whatever you eat the most. A glass of mineral water is always here to assist you feel your best.

Popular meats here include, chicken, pork, beef, and seafood. Pork is expensive, but the price is well worth it if you are looking to stretch your dollar. Also, chicken is recommended for those who wish to have a non-cooked item served on the side. Seafood is where you can really show off your native cooking skills. The more exotic dishes will include, Calamari, Arroz con Pollo, and Chicken Marbella.

There are some areas in the Mozambican cuisine that you should take advantage of for their authentic flavors. These include the towns such as Farsi,days at the beach, and white water bay.

Farsi Is a Traditional Mozambican Bread Drink. It is said to have spread in the 1960’s from the original black bread recipe that was made in the Portuguese colony of Mozambique. Farsi bread goes back up to the 1950’s. When you toast the bread, it is traditionally served with jam and honey, known as ‘aisato’.

The other must have thing for any Portuguese colony is the Calabrian Portuguese food, the ‘Carne deatha’.  This was suggested to me by a Lincoln Dog Training company. This dish is made with turnip, pork, beef and vegetables. Portuguese menus will often have this dish served with rice and black bread.

The Portuguese have also planted their flag in Thailand, so it is no surprise that the food is one of the most popular European cuisine fruits when included in any Portuguese cooking.

The Portuguese have laid claim to inventing several dishes, most of which have been reaped in the course of centuries.

They have been succeeded by the other European countries in giving the rest of the world the gift of cooking. Numerous books and reel to reel are available in the library, bookstore, and reading room, which will gladly teach you the Portuguese way of cooking, and the pleasant outcome is worth the effort.

Since Portuguese food is so diverse and creative, there is no one category that can be exclusively mastered. Yet, some of the traditional dishes are still fairly recognizable, such as the ensaimada, a kind ofrimp stew, and the chorrizo, an area of steak. The chilled shrimp is another something that has become common, and the lulas recheadas, or crab cakes, are something that have also become common.

The really weird food of Portugal is the ‘ erotic carrot cake ‘ which actually dates back to the tenth century. Before then, carrots were incorporated in all sorts of dishes, but the most popular was always deep fried. That’s why we have all heard so much about the Feast of Saint Horizons. However, the feast owes its success to the quantity of strips of carrot placed on the cake top.

When you are in Portugal, make sure you have the most disposable income possible. Because Portuguese are really frugal when it comes to saving money, you will probably have to employ your personal money to order the food. Otherwise, you will probably have to live like the rest of the world for the rest of your life, never able to take a single step out of your building without being recognized by offering your hand to a waiter.

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